Architects, Designers & Surveyors

The role of the building surveyor is to verify that your building work meets the minimum regulations and standards.

An appropriately qualified Victorian building surveyor can explain the regulations to you and will inspect the construction at various mandated stages.

The surveyor is an extremely important member of your building 'team'. They’re ‘on the ground’ and independently checking that you’re getting what you pay for. If you want to verify what you’re being told by the builder, talk to the surveyor. 

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All designers and architects have their own style and personal preferences. You’re the only person that knows what’s going to satisfy your needs for your building project. The design task will be made easier if you find a designer that’s sympathetic to your aesthetic. And the best way to commence the design phase is to have very firm ideas about what you want.

Begin at the Beginning

Gather lots of information to share with the designer:

  1. Create a written description of the non-negotiable elements, for example you might say “Extension under $450k with 2 bedrooms, one ensuite (with bath), hydronic heating, and double glazing is also a must”. Do you need terracotta tiles on the roof ? OK, make sure to write it down, and then make sure your loved one/s agree with the description.
  2. Dollars. How much are you going to spend? To avoid wasting everyone’s time you need a firm idea of what funds will be available. Do you have the cash? or, do you need to speak with the bank first?
  3. Copy images from the web (HouzzInstagram & Pinterest are all great) or tear out pictures of what you love from magazines. It can sometimes be tricky explaining exactly what you're after, make it easy with examples.

Also consider your motivation for the project. Are you building your ‘forever home’, something to wow friends with, or is it just a first foothold in the market?

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