The appointment of the builder is the single most important decision the homeowner will make. This decision will arguably have the greatest influence on the overall success of your building project.

Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily easy compiling a list of prospective builders. Sorry about that.

There's no magical website that time-poor consumers can visit and simply enter suburb, budget and job specs and half-a-dozen capable, available and trustworthy builders appear - presto! To ensure the best outcome you'll have to do some leg-work.

We suggest you compile a list of likely builders from these sources -   

- Family, friends and neighbours. If they've built before they're sure to have an opinion on the good, bad and not-so-attractive builder

- Talk to architects and designers, particularly if you've appointed one, they'll be able to make informed suggestions

- Take a drive around the neighbourhood and look for active building works. Knock on doors for a chat - people are usually happy to share their knowledge

- Ask known and trusted tradespeople for recommendations

- Ask local building surveyors and engineers

- Review local press and web advertisements. Like all of us, builders generally prefer to work close to home

- Search web / social media / blogs

- Approach trusted real estate agents

- Search association memberships such as the HIA and Master Builders. Importantly, association membership is not a guarantee of quality workmanship. Associations won't tell you that their member is regularly in dispute with homeowners! Commendation from an association via an award is a better barometer of credibility. Most industry associations conduct annual Awards of Excellence programs which can be searched on their websites

These are the most common avenues consumers utilise to compile a list of prospective builders. Be mindful also that it's unwise to take every referral at face value. An acceptable building outcome for one person may not necessarily satisfy you. 

Once you have your list of prospective builders, it’s time to make contact and start the conversations - good luck!





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