We take the guesswork out of builder selection




  • Essentials Report

    Confirmation the builder is registered and has the mandatory insurance. Also reviews basic corporate and building industry conduct.

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  • Comprehensive Report

    Aggregates vast amounts of building industry, mercantile agency, company and consumer experiences to provide an overall risk rating to your project. Build with confidence.

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 We'll Do Your Homework for You

About to sign a Contract? Concerned the builder might have skeletons in the closet? Disreputable builders usually leave a trail of unhappy consumers. Let us investigate and identify repeat offenders, before you sign a Contract.


  “We found your report a great help as it confirmed our nominated builder had a good rating and we're in the process now of inspecting his previous projects before the signing of any contracts”

Maureen G, Ringwood


What We Do

We prepare easy to understand Reports to help you make an informed decision on your shortlist of builders. Our background investigations provide data from over 20 government agencies, regulatory and digital media sources.

We then rate the results according to Victorian industry norms. Providing you with a simple means to compare the shortlisted builders. 

We also empower consumers by providing free Resources covering the key considerations for those about to embark on a building project.

what we do