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Avoid defaulting & litigious builders

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  • Small Projects
  • Essentials Report

    We confirm the builder isn't regularly in the courts or constantly disappointing consumers. We also investigate builder registration, regulator reprimands, complaints, safety prosecutions and social media reputation.

  • Top Seller
  • Comprehensive Report

    We purchase an extensive range of credit rating, payment default, company and court records and then incorporate regulatory, government, complaints and social media data to provide a complete overview of the reputation of your builder.


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 What We Do

Find out if a builder has been in the courts, has credit issues or been regularly disappointing consumers. Avoid defaulting and litigious builders.

We prepare premium-quality easy-to-understand reputation Reports to help you make an informed decision.

We purchase a range of credit rating, company and court records and incorporate additional regulatory, government and social media data to provide a complete overview of the reputation of your builder.

We also empower consumers by providing free Resources covering the key considerations for those about to embark on a building project.


“We found your report a great help as it confirmed our nominated builder had a good rating and we're in the process now of inspecting his previous projects before the signing of any contracts”

Maureen, Ringwood

"Good value service. Highly recommended"

Scott, Canberra

"Brendan was able to confirm that the Builder we had chosen ticked all the boxes and we were able to confidently sign a contract. Speaking with Brendan at the Home Show was our lucky day!"

John, Melbourne

“Highly recommend to anyone thinking of building or renovating. Very professional and informative reporting. I was also able to speak directly to Brendan which was a great help”  

Julie, Box Hill