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  • Essentials Report

    Confirmation the builder is registered and has the mandatory insurance. Also reviews basic corporate and building industry conduct. Make an informed decision on your builder.

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  • Top Seller
  • Comprehensive Report

    Aggregates vast amounts of building industry, mercantile agency, company and consumer experiences. We then rate the results according to Victorian industry norms providing you with a simple means to compare. Build with confidence.

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 What We Do

Find out if a builder has been in the courts, has credit issues or been regularly disappointing consumers.

We prepare easy-to-understand Reports to help you make an informed decision.

We purchase a range of credit rating, company and court records and then incorporate additional regulatory, government and social media data to provide a complete overview of the reputation of your builder.

We also empower consumers by providing free Resources covering the key considerations for those about to embark on a building project.





"I would recommend your business to anybody as the free information and extra support offered at no charge really impressed me"  Michael S, Melbourne


“We found your report a great help as it confirmed our nominated builder had a good rating and we're in the process now of inspecting his previous projects before the signing of any contracts”  Maureen G, Ringwood

 what we do