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We’re solely focused on the residential building sector and are ideally suited to projects including new home construction, extensions, renovations, kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and landscaping.

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We're a one-stop-shop providing access to information that is otherwise difficult to find and understand. We are not a builder referral service. We're an entirely independent consumer research agency.

Building projects can be overwhelming, with industry jargon, regulations, registration, permits and insurances. Many people rush the process of choosing a builder. We believe that choosing the right builder is the most important step in a building project.

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We are committed to transparency and impartiality. We conduct ourselves with professionalism and due care and aim to continually improve.

Resourced by Building Industry Experts

Brendan Watkins, Director of Builder Background Checks P/L was CEO of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA) for 12 years. SPASA is the sole industry peak body for the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) Registered Builders and industry affiliates.

As well as serving as CEO of the Australian pool industry association for a time, Brendan has sat on several State and National Building & Regulatory Committees. He has advocated to Ministerial offices and is considered highly knowledgeable and well connected within the building and construction industry.

He is a current member of the Building Dispute Practitioners Society and presents at the HIA Home Show.

Builder Background Checks Victoria is augmented by access to a number of specialised industry experts including construction industry lawyers, mercantile agencies, building surveyors, architects, engineers and designers.

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