comprehensive report coverLocating & Interpreting Critical Builder Reputation Data

Elements of the Comprehensive Builder Background Report

  • Builder 100 Point Rating
  • Written Appraisal of Findings
  • Phone Consultation with Director


  • Payment Default Register Check (Not Paying Credit Accounts)
  • Company Credit Rating (Probability of Builder Failing in Next 12 Months)
  • Court Judgements, Supreme, County & Magistrates
  • Civil & Administrative Tribunal Decisions
  • Infringements & Orders by the Federal Securities Commission
  • Cross Directorships & Phoenix Activity: Identify directors with failed or failing companies
  • Company Search - Director & Officeholders, Shareholdings, Addresses, etc
  • Court Imposed: Enforceable Undertakings & Public Warnings
  • Infringement Notice Register - State
  • Public Warning Register - National


  • Confirmation of Builder License Registration & Class
  • Fined, Disciplined & Sanctioned Registers (Found Guilty of Misconduct by Building Authority)
  • Confirmation of Domestic Building Insurance (DBI - Builder Bankruptcy Insurance)
  • Description of Domestic Builder Registration Classes (Restricts Scope of Works)
  • Prosecution Result & Enforceable Undertakings - Worksafe


  • Social Media: Search of the Six Major Online Builder Review Sites

Cost: $295


10% Discount Applied to Multiple Orders

Monitoring & Alerts: After you’ve received your Report ask about ongoing monitoring of the building company to ensure you receive email alerts when important changes occur (defaults, court actions, director changes, etc).